On the agenda for 2024 — a better way to keep track of your innovation portfolio?

Rita McGrath
6 min readDec 11, 2023

I was delighted to be part of a virtual event sponsored by the good people over at Innov8rs, in which a field of 10 experts shared their perspectives on the prospects for innovation in 2024, launching the organization’s now much-anticipated annual handbook.

Conversations about what we can expect for corporate innovation in 2024

Ten of us, involved with corporate innovation in various capacities, were invited to appear in the virtual event — the format was that each of us got about 8 minutes to offer our perspective on what would be on the agenda for innovation in 2024.

The panelists provided a question in advance to hint at their part of the conversation. Here’s the rundown (fascinating topics, all):

Myself: 2023 was an innovation bust — but it will be unavoidable for organizations in 2024

Alex Osterwalder: In 2024, senior leaders will ask for an explicit Return on Investment from innovation

Tyler Anderson: Excel in short-term, low-risk Initiatives to secure long-term investments and navigate through recession

Frank Mattes: As corporate startups need to be linked more closely to “core”, monitoring startup health is crucial



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