Columbia Business School Professor. Thinkers50 top 10 & #1 in strategy. Bestselling author of The End of Competitive Advantage & Seeing Around Corners.


  • Ines Skotnicka

    Ines Skotnicka

    R&D, #Innovation Management, #CompetitiveIntelligence &WikiEnterprise expert. #OpenInnovation PhD. researcher. Keen on Medieval History

  • Dirk Beveridge

    Dirk Beveridge

    What if we had an industry summit with no industry speakers? We'd have the first and only innovation summit for distributors. Time to think different!

  • Jillian Coppler

    Jillian Coppler

    Director of Enrollment Marketing at Fresno Pacific University. Lover of nature. Follower of Jesus. Inspired by people and their stories.

  • Barabbs Firm

    Barabbs Firm

  • Brandon Riddell

    Brandon Riddell

    Up to something. Reading @MaiQuarterly. Using my head with Words & Deeds. Industrial strength, patience and persistence. Just my opinions.

  • Grenzgaenger


    Incorporating indeterminacy.

  • Maulik


    Masters Student at Purdue. Interested in Construction, Fintech and Finance. Strong penchant about Stock Market and Building Financial Models.

  • Benedikt Schaumann

    Benedikt Schaumann

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